Top 25 food blogs in the UK

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There are many people out there with a love of writing. There are also many with a love of food. With a rise in popularity of social media and the food world, there are now more people than ever combining their two passions and writing food blogs.

Once you start to delve into this deliciously moreish pastime, you realize just how many food blogs there are out there. Even looking around you the next time you dine out, you might spot the guy next to you with a laptop, taking snap shots of his crème brulee
With this multitude of foodie writers comes the heartwarming sensation of people actually caring and thinking about what they eat – there are some great things to be discovered in the food world and how good is it that people are enthusiastic enough about it to incorporate it into theirimage from shutterstock daily lives, even jobs.

Food blogger David ‘Gastronome at Home’ Crichton shares his thoughts. ‘A good food blog is a tool to inspire. One where you can go to the home page and find something for dinner that night. Interaction with the writer is what makes blogs unique though. Where else can you have a recipe and email the chef directly with questions about this that and the other?’

It’s true to say that this pastimes or profession can create a bit of envy for the reader– out they go to Michelin star gaffs giving their two cents worth and having their thoughts read by hundreds. The amount of gorgeous food these bloggers consume is enough to have you thinking about ‘starting the diet tomorrow’, but what a great way to share your culinary experiences to reach the masses.

Restaurants are even taking blogging seriously – and so they should. Places like The Ivy and Wolseley restaurants in London have been targeted and they’re well aware.
These are the kind of critics that they can’t look out for when they walk through the door. They won’t know who they are; they are elusive characters who eat, blog and leave.
Whether the experience is good or bad, hundreds of people are about to know about it and the restaurants have to, well, just deal with it.image from shutterstock

Not only are these blogs out there in the thousands, a lot of them are a joy to read. One reason alone being for the witty names – being one of the best.

The food blogging world is also very much a community of friends. They will contact each other, recommend other blogs to read – this creates a little village in which to swap recipes, restaurant critiques, where to buy local produce, cooking methods, the list goes on. Being a food blogger himself, David says ‘no-one has any airs or graces about who writes the blog, you can email and ask people anything. It's essentially a large Facebook community where rather than the bond being friendship we now have a cooking bond.’

Fellow food blogger Sarah ‘North West Nosh’ Nosh also feels the love when engaging with her readers. ‘I love food blogging because I like to share my experiences with other people and start a conversation about food. I blog about the North West because people think our food is mainly pie based and this dispels the myth. Also it's a great place to moan and writing in the evening keeps me out of trouble.’

What a great way to get people interested in food, and good produce at that. As well as being informative when choosing places to eat out or trying something new in the kitchen, they are fun to read and an education in food.
Here, in no particular order, is a list of what we think are the Top 25 food blogs in the UK.

Who: Karen S Burns-Booth is a freelance food writer who moved to the UK from South Africa, to be brought up in Northumbria. She shares her time between here and South West France and this blog is a blend of seasonal fragrance and flavour from her English and French kitchens.
Why: Karen was a regular contributor in Country Kitchen magazine and is also a regular contributor to on-line food, travel and tourism websites. She is currently working on a Historical British Cookbook, as well as appearing on local radio and television.
@KarenBurnsBooth - 2,981 followers

Who: Sarah Nosh is a Manchester based blogger with a perchance for writing about where she eats and drinks in the North West. Her blog is a mixed bag of reviews of producers, restaurants, bars and services with a smattering of recipes thrown in for good measure.
Why: If you’re looking for where to eat in the North West, here is the place to come. It’s not all just pie you know! Sarah also writes for NQ Manchester
@NorthWestNosh  - 1,832 followers

Who: Jeanne Horak-Druiff is South African born but now lives in London. She has been blogging Cook Sister since 2004, sharing recipes, travel tales, photography and restaurant reviews.
Why: This blog has a healthy and consistent following to readers in the UK, South Africa and the US.
@cooksisterblog – 4,557 followers

Who: Niamh is an ex-pat who has lived in London for the past ten years. She loves to travel, eat and cook so this blog is a combination of recipes, recommendations, travel tips and guides (with a lot of London thrown in!)
Why: This blog has 70,000 hits a month. Enough said.
@eatlikeagirl – 19,229 followers

Who: Chris Pople writes restaurant reviews in London and beyond. This blog is place to find hyperbolic, ill-researched but hopefully entertaining reviews of mainly London restaurants –in his words.
Why: Chris’ blog has appeared in The Evening Standard’s 1000 most influential Londoners list, top 15 food blogs from around the world in the New Statesman and The Times Online’s ‘Top 10 food blogs’.
@chrispople – 8,895 followers

Who: Kerstin Rodgers aka MsMarmitelover launched the underground restaurant movement in the UK with her eponymous supper club via her blog The English Can Cook ( Since then, hundreds of supper clubs have started in London and around the UK
Why: She is part of a new generation of writers and chefs who use social media to promote food via blogging, facebook and twitter. She talks about social media and food at the V & A, the Women's Institute, Editorial Intelligence and Brit Mums Live conference.
@MissMarmitelover – 12,553 followers

Who: The British Larder was created in 2008 by Madalene Bonvini-Hamel (Maddy) and Ross Pike (aka Mr.P) and is a recipe diary that is written, trialled and tested by two professional chef and self-confessed food fanatics. It’s been specially created for likeminded foodies who’d like to expand their repertoires and share their cookery tips with others.
Why: After great success with the British Larder website, Maddy and Mr.P decided to turn their virtual dream from clicks to bricks. They gave their website a real culinary home and on the 6th of August 2010 the doors opens to the British Larder, Suffolk.
@BritishLarder – 5,476 followers

Who: Food Stories is a blog by Helen Graves, who says she likes to cook and eat, a lot. She lives in London and her blog features recipes, restaurants and street food, shops, markets and classes and a special section for Peckham.
Why: A true Brit food lover with a witty and entertaining way with recipes. She has over 10,000 followers on Twitter so there’s the proof in the pudding.
@FoodStories – 10,506 followers

Who: This blog is simply about the ‘pleasure of eating’. Matt Fort, British food writer and critic is famed for his appearance on the BBC’s Great British Menu. His blog features the food he likes to eat, how he cooks it, where he eats it, along with restaurant review and chef conversations.
Why: Matt knows his stuff - He has been the Food and Drink editor of The Guardian for over ten years, written his own books and is currently co-presenter of ‘Market Kitchen’ on UKTV Food.
@matthewfort - 13,595 followers

Who: Sarah Trivuncic is the author of Bake Me I’m Yours: Sweet Bitesize Bakes (David & Charles, June 2012) and has been writing at Maison Cupcake since 2009.Her blog includes everyday cake capers, recipes, biscuits, patisserie and all things sweet!
Why: Sarah’s writing has been included in a huge list of other projects – just check on her blog!
@maisoncupcake – 5,825 followers

Who: Neil Davey is a freelance writer who likes to cover subjects you can do sitting down such as eating, drinking, watching films, interviewing famous people, playing games and travelling. Thus, here is his blog which includes witty ramblings on food and travels.
Why: Noted for the brilliance of the blog name, he has a popular following. He also writes / has written on such sedentary subjects for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, delicious, Sainsbury's Magazine, Daily Mail and Hello.
@DineHard – 5,054 followers

Who: Lizzie Mabbott blogs on 'Hollow Legs' about anything foodie from cheap eats in London to where to find the best pizza and how to 'stuff your cock' with Chinese rice. With a section on her blog specific to Chinese food and South East London – if you like these, this one’s for you
Why: She knows about food and likes to tell you about it. She also swears and is very funny. She’s doing it for the girls!
@hollowlegs – 7,358 followers

Who: The Pink Whisk is written by me, Ruth Clemens – Manic Mummy Baker Extraordinaire! The place to come for baking, recipes and tutorials. Anyone who makes chocolate and peanut butter bars is alright by us.
Why: The Pink Whisk story starts back in 2010 when Ruth was a contestant in the very first series of BBC2′s The Great British Bake Off and came second. The Pink Whisk was born and the rest, as they say, is history!
@thepinkwhisk – 8,002 followers

Who: Esther Walker is a journalist who lives in North London. Considering this blog was pretty much a fluke as she started off due to a fear of not being commissioned as a freelance writer, she’s doing exceptionally well! This blog featured tried and tested recipes from Esther, good or bad, they’re there. Clever, funny and entertaining.
Why: If you’re looking for a food blog that’s different from the rest, stop here. Esther is not afraid to say if a recipe has been a disaster. Cue the lighter side to cooking.
@estherwalker – 5,578 followers

Who: Helen Best-Shaw loves food and since she spends most of the time talking about it, reading about it, preparing it and eating it, she has turned it into a blog. Find recipes, how to techniques, news and opinions and loads of other gems.
Why: This blog is unique in that is focuses on healthy, veg based dishes that should encourage everyone to get involved in a lighter lifestyle. Many agree as she has over 5,000 Twitter followers.
@FussFreeFlavour – 5,642 followers

Who: This is a blog from an Italian who is also a proud Londonder. They are here to share their passion for food with us – what a great mix of Italian and local influences.
Why: This blog has been recommended by fellow ‘top lister’ the British Larder – it’s food, it’s photography, it’s life.

Who: This is a restaurant blog, updated weekly by Kang Leong. Kang became interested in writing and blogging which then led onto combining this with a love of good restaurants, after all, it was his family’s business.
Why: As of May 2012, it receives 75,000 hits per month with 2300 RSS subscribers and has served 2 million page views since 2008.
@LondonEater– 7,544 followers

Who: Shelagh Ryan travelled from Melbourne to London to open a cafe, mainly to convince Brits there’s more for brekkie than ‘the full English’. She’s decided to keep a blog so to either be able to press print and sell millions of copies of the amazing success story, or give those who are secretly thinking she'll never pull it off, an opportunity to see why.
Why: A plentiful collection of recipes, stories, interviews, travel and musings. A very popular site.

Who: Andrew is a food journalist and the editor of He’s also the author of Food Britannia. This blog doesn’t hold back his thoughts on modern TV chefs, shearing sheep and various restaurant reviews.
Why: Andrew has developed or produced content for a huge list of projects that are named on his blog, including Hugh’s Fish Fight and The Big British Food Map on Channel 4.
@foodjournalist – 5,146 followers

Who: Described as the ‘don dadda’s of London food blogging,’ the two half-Bengali half-Welsh Majumdar brothers eat out more than is necessary and write about it very well.
Why: It’s funny, popular, and lists every venue you could wish for from best London restaurant, best place for cocktails and where to find ‘food of the Gods’

Who: Anthony Silverbrow writes on wider subject surrounding food, and does it really well. He claims his love of food came from being brought up around the kitchen and being told great stories by his mother.
Why: If you want recipes and restaurant reviews, it’s here, but if you want that something extra to read about, that’s here too.
@Silverbrow – 2,575 followers

Who: Andrew Barrow is a writer who has a wine blog (Spittoon) on his tasting notes, vineyard visits and so on and has now created the add-on Spittoon Extra. This blog focuses on the overspill of food and recipe posts that simply couldn’t fit on Spittoon.
Why: Already featured on our top wine bloggers in the UK list, this one is not to be missed.
@wine_scribbler – 6,237 followers

Who: It’s quite obvious these guys are fans of the humble potato, so why not create a blog around it? Potato recipes, articles, news and unusual goings-on in the spud world.
Why: If you’re one of those people that just want to eat potatoes everyday, check this blog out. They have plenty of spud-u-likes on Twitter too.
@DailySpud – 3,416 followers

Who: Mark Dredge is a 27 year old Kentish lover of food and beer. This blog started off as a food blog and gradually incorporated his favourite hop-based tipple. Now we can enjoy his recipes such as hop fried chicken and articles on food and beer pairing.
Why: In December 2009 Mark won the British Guild of Beer Writers New Media Writer of the Year for this blog and again in 2010. In 2011 he won Beer and Food Writer of the Year, which according to him was due in part to sticking a can of Punk IPA up a chicken's arse. He now writes as a freelancer with regular pieces on the Guardian’s Word of Mouth among others.
@markdredge – 4,207 followers

Who: Ren Behan is a lawyer turned stay at home foodie mum. Her blog 'Fabulicious Food' is all about family friendly, seasonal and easy to make food following a childhood of growing up with food, family, culture and tradition at the forefront.
Why: As well as lending a helping hand to busy mums with easy and nutritious recipes, she posts about events, festivals, products and you can also chat with her.
@RenBehan – 3,464 followers