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Salmon wrapped in filo with a Watercress sauce and Cauliflower Couscous.

This dish is a great midweek dinner, if I was Jamie I would say a 30-minute meal, realistically 45 minutes. The inspiration for this dish came from a spare packet of filo pastry lying in the fridge.

Cod with Wild Garlic Pesto wrapped in a chicken mousse.

If you look at this and think its familiar, i'll forgive if you thought it was an Arctic Roll to begin with. This was not my inspiration nor my intention. Although this dish looks very complicated it is quite easy as long as you are happy to get your hands dirty.

Ultimate Chicken, Star Anise Jus and Aubergine Caviar

If you read my article on Lameloise, I mentioned the delight of a Bresse Chicken.

Valentine Warner exclusive recipe: Queen of plums

This delicious recipe comes to you from Valentine Warner, TV chef and author of his latest book 'The Good Table'.

Roast Cod, Lobster Sauce and Chorizo.

On my recent holiday to Burgundy, cycling through the beautiful villages of Meursault and Pommard a great appeti