We're all going on a summer holiday....

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....no more worries for a week or two.....

Visions of Sir Paul McCartney  at the Olympic velodrome encouraging the crowd to spontaneously burst into chorus after chorus of 'Hey Jude' was painful to watch. It reminded me of Wimbledon before they fitted the roof on Centre Court and Sir Cliff Richard bursting into song to 'entertain' the crowds during the rain.
The difference between the two caught my eye when Stella, Sir Paul's daughter cringed openly at her dad's charade, he did after all used to be very cool. Sir Cliff on the other hand has always been cheesy, even as a peck-laden 71 year old his squeaky clean misdemeanour and tirelessly smiling face makes rounds of 'we're all going on a summer holiday' an enjoyable guilty-pleasure to sing. He has die hard fans that still think they stand a chance of winning his heart and follow his every move around the world. I learnt all this in Portugal this week at Sir Cliff's winery Adega do Cantor in the Algarve where Mr Bouquet and I have been holidaying.
Our tour guide told us of the larger than life women that visit the winery hoping to chance a glimpse of the hip-wiggler and who on being told Sir Cliff once sat on one of the barrels in the cellar clamber aboard to have their picture taken in the same place. You can tell which one it is, it's a lot less round than the others.... The tour guide herself confessed openly to courting the women in the lives of the winery's lesser known partners hoping to one day bag a job there. She had no interest in wine, just a dream  that one day would bring her closer to her idol!
Putting the successful stalker to one side the tour was a pleasant way to spend an hour out of the Algarve's extreme midday sun in a winery that if it weren't for Sir Cliff's name association would already be a distant memory. As for the wines themselves it was the Vida Nova Tinto 2009 that stood out for me, a blend of Syrah and Aragonez (aka Tempranillo) that was like a smokey fig biscuit with a refreshing finish, not quite a Portuguese version of an Australian red (like we were told) but you can see the fruit for the wood and for £9.29 from Waitrose it's not what you'd call a steal but it's not an unreasonable amount to pay to recapture your 'Summer Holiday' either.
Vineyard image from shutterstock