Posted on 25 Sep 2012
This dish is a great midweek dinner, if I was Jamie I would say a 30-minute meal, realistically 45 minutes. The inspiration for this dish came from a spare packet of filo pastry lying in the fridge. Salmon en croute is a bit of a palaver to make, plus the possibility of a soggy... READ MORE »
Posted on 23 Sep 2012
If you look at this and think its familiar, i'll forgive if you thought it was an Arctic Roll to begin with. This was not my inspiration nor my intention. Although this dish looks very complicated it is quite easy as long as you are happy to get your hands dirty. It is... READ MORE »
Posted on 20 Sep 2012
If you read my article on Lameloise, I mentioned the delight of a Bresse Chicken. The only place I have found these in Britain is Harrods. They are about £20 each, but are fantastic. A different treat to fillet steak. I thought about how I could improve a humble bog... READ MORE »
Posted on 18 Sep 2012
On my recent holiday to Burgundy, cycling through the beautiful villages of Meursault and Pommard a great appetite was worked up. This at the end of each day was satisfied by some amazing food, and even greater wine in some instances. The holiday encompassed three michelin star... READ MORE »
Posted on 13 Sep 2012
This dish carries a lot of flavours through the dish. Coconut being the dominant factor. The coconut sauce is quite simply any old curry paste, whether it be Indian or Thai, some coconut milk and a little stock. The remainder of the coconut milk is used to make coconut rice.... READ MORE »
Posted on 12 Sep 2012
I am not sure the purist would call this a tagine as it is only served in one rather than cooked in one. I tought it would make a tagine a bit more interesting and visually better if you wanted to serve at a dinner party. The highlight of the dish are the Pastillas, basically... READ MORE »
Posted on 10 Sep 2012
Lameloise Most people have probably never heard of this beautiful hotel set in the heart of Burgundy’s finest Grand Cru Vineyards, even if you are an ardent foodie like myself. There are some very famous places in France. Pierre Gagnaire and Bras are ones that stick in my... READ MORE »
Posted on 09 Sep 2012
Isn't it peculiar that we will go to a lot of effort to enjoy good food. Travelling all over the country to visit either celebrity chef's establishments or those all conquering Michelin star venues. The price often irrelevant as long as it is up to a good standard. Yet... READ MORE »
Posted on 27 Aug 2012
This dish has become a staple in my household. Everytime a side of salmon is on offer at the supermarket, it will be waltzed home and cured over the next 24-48 hours. It is so simple to make, with a few variations to tailor to your liking. Blinis are the traditional... READ MORE »
Posted on 24 Aug 2012
Venison used to be kept only for the aristocracy. It was reward for their fine hunting expeditions along with all the game birds they could also kill. Venison is an incredibly lean meat. It's hard to find a part of it that carries fat. You should be able to find all types of... READ MORE »