Posted on 05 Nov 2012
Kevin Judd certainly needs no introduction as a winemaker. As one of the founders of New Zealand's iconic winery Cloudy Bay, where he worked 25 vintages, he has rightfully earned his place in the top echelons of superstar winemakers. It would have been easy enough to see out... READ MORE »
Posted on 16 Oct 2012
I must be getting older. Well, obviously I know I am. What I mean by that is that my tastes in wines, particulary New World Syrah/Shiraz definitely seem to be shifting of late. Don't get me wrong, I still love the old fruitbomb Aussie Shiraz but increasingly it's a wine... READ MORE »
Posted on 18 Sep 2012
It's not often you take your first smell of a wine and think, "School pencil case"! But, that's exactly what happened here. It's lucky it had a memorable first smell as I was by that point already a little dismayed by what is without doubt one of the worst... READ MORE »
Posted on 17 Sep 2012
It's good fun tasting wines with a group of people. Often a bottle that I'm convinced will impress falls flat on it's face, and at other times something I consider to be a no hoper wins the hearts and minds of my guinea pigs. With this one I must admit I wasn't... READ MORE »
Posted on 07 Sep 2012
Some bars just seem to capture the very essence of "cool" in an almost effortless manner. Others seem to strive for it without every coming close. It seems pretty clear that the Whistling Shop, on Shoreditch's Worship Street is in the former category. The bar is... READ MORE »
Posted on 05 Sep 2012
Mr Smith Shiraz 2010 - Ant Moore (McLaren Vale, Australia) I do enjoy Aussie Shiraz. It was one of the first red wine styles I truly loved and to be honest, still do. I love that it's such an honest wine style and whilst there are now a few more varieties with some cooler... READ MORE »
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Posted on 05 Sep 2012
Beronia Tempranillo 2010 (Rioja, Spain) I'm always a little reluctant when I open a Rioja I don't know well. I sometimes find some Rioja a little too diluted to be of any interest, yet on the flip side I have a reliable list of "go to" Riojas that I know will... READ MORE »
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Posted on 29 Aug 2012
Having been named as the "winery of the year 2010" by Wine and Spirit Magazine USA and described as "Chile's most awarded winery of the 21st Century" by Vitis Magazine (no, me neither) there must be some pedigree behind Dona Dominga. Having been sent two... READ MORE »
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Posted on 22 Aug 2012
Remember how embarassing it was when your Mum used to make you wear something that you knew just looked ridiculous? I imagine that's how Chianti used to feel when it was made to parade around in those ridiculous wicker covered bottles. It can't have been any fun just... READ MORE »
Posted on 22 Aug 2012
Hmmm. Spanish whites..... I've tried a fair few now and I've always been a little unconvinced of their potential. I love Spanish reds but somehow the whites just never seem tp measure up. This however is very much on the right track. Given it costs only £7.30 on a... READ MORE »