Posted on 18 Sep 2012
Since the Olympics and Paralympics lit their last firework there’s been little reason for me to venture out east and it’s made me rather sad. So I was pleased to be invited to a preview night of a new London wine shop that’s opened up in Liverpool Street giving... READ MORE »
Rheingau vineyards
Posted on 14 Sep 2012
When the French release a wine there's fan fair and dancing, price wars and road trips. Take Bordeaux's annual en primeur campaign and Beaujolais Nouveau. Other wine producing countries have similar wine occasions too but often they go under the radar for their more... READ MORE »
Posted on 09 Sep 2012
Three of the world’s largest international wine competitions are held in the UK and across the year the wine calendar is divided into a delirium of sample sending, extreme tasting, result announcing and the grand finale of award dinners where the ‘super’... READ MORE »
Posted on 03 Sep 2012 more worries for a week or two..... Visions of Sir Paul McCartney  at the Olympic velodrome encouraging the crowd to spontaneously burst into chorus after chorus of 'Hey Jude' was painful to watch. It reminded me of Wimbledon before they fitted the... READ MORE »
image from shutterstock
Posted on 29 Aug 2012
Since the rise of Cheryl Cole and Lord Sugar, popularity of the Queen's English has been replaced by all things Geordie and East End. The rise in interest of regionality has transferred to food too; from the Cumberland sausage to the Cornish pasty and in drink form for... READ MORE »
Posted on 20 Aug 2012
Biting off the hand that feeds has been a concern of journalists and editors of traditional media since advertising began. Certainly a lack of wine advertising in newspapers is widely acknowledged for the demise of regular wine columns, but when there are overheads to consider... READ MORE »
Posted on 03 Aug 2012
Grease is my favourite ever film. Grease #1 of course, #2 should never have been made. I watched it over and over again when I was younger and could probably still recite 80% of the script and 100% of the lyrics. Sandy was too much of a goody two shoes for me but Rizzo was a... READ MORE »
Posted on 31 Jul 2012
There’s something about rosé wine that divides wine lovers everywhere. It’s a marmite of the wine world because at one end of the scale you’ve got the casual wine drinkers who love it and on the other end some hard-core wine enthusiasts who are more than... READ MORE »
Spar shop front
Posted on 26 Jul 2012
I’ve been putting off writing this review not really knowing where to start. As my third piece on wines for your shopping list this one is on Spar. Having previously recommended a couple of top bottles from Asda and The Coop I did toy with the idea of calling the series... READ MORE »
Coop wine tasting invite
Posted on 24 Jul 2012
The only Co-op store I used to know was in Peacehaven in Sussex, near Brighton. It’s a great big store where time seemingly stood still, in a nice way. I’d go down there during school holidays and we’d stay at a little flat by the sea that my Nana owns. The Co-... READ MORE »